vRealize Network Insight Cloud contains a navigation pane on the left that helps users to navigate quickly to the key product features such as Plan & Assess, Intent, Topologies, Entities, Alerts, and Saved Searches of interest without having to type any search queries.

The left navigation pane contains the following options:
  • Plan & Assess: Provides you the following options:
    • Plan Security: Allows you to analyze the flows in the environment and helps to plan the micro-segments within the environment. You can select all the entities or select a particular entity and then select the duration to analyze the selected entity.
    • Applications: Allows you to create applications in vRealize Network Insight Cloud by using custom search. Once you create an application, you can plan it accordingly.
    • PCI Compliance: The PCI-Compliance dashboard helps in assessing compliance against the PCI requirements only in the NSX environment.
  • Intents: Allows you to view intent alerts and define new intents to predict the network behaviour in advance.
  • Alerts: Allows you to view the Alerts (changes and problems) in your environment. There is also a list of alert types so that you can quickly view a specific type of alert.
  • Environments: Provides a comprehensive outlook of the environments that are present in your data center.
  • Analytics: Allows you to detect outliers, configure threshold, and get flow analytics.
  • Path and Topology: Allows you to view any VM to VM path or topology of several entities of the data center.
  • Entities: Displays the list of all the different types of entities present in your environment. Click any entity type from the given list to view a list of all the entities of that type. The text box above the entities list can be used to narrow down the list based on text entered.
  • Pinboards: Allows you to access your saved pinboards and perform operations such as share, duplicate, export to PDF, and so on.
  • Saved Searches: Displays the searches that have been saved previously.
  • Settings: Allows you to access and configure various vRealize Network Insight Cloud settings.
The left navigation pane on vRealize Network Insight