In vRealize Network Insight Cloud, you can view insight about Fortinet firewall.

vRealize Network Insight Cloud supports the following Fortinet entities -

  • Fortinet Manager
  • Fortinet ADOM - Fortinet Administrative Domain details
  • Fortinet VDOM - Fortinet Virtual Domain details. vRealize Network Insight Cloud supports only Flow-based filtering is supported. Transparent mode is not supported.
  • Fortinet Address - List of ADOM specific Addresses. vRealize Network Insight Cloud support ipmask, iprange, and NSX fabric connectors.
  • Fortinet Address Groups - List of ADOM specific address groups
  • Fortinet Dynamic Addresses - List of ADOM specific dynamic addresses (VDOM Mapped Addresses)
  • Fortinet Dynamic Address Groups - List of ADOM specific dynamic address groups (VDOM Mapped Address Groups)
  • Fortinet Dynamic Interfaces - List of ADOM specific dynamic interfaces.
  • Fortinet Zones - List of ADOM specific zones.
  • Fortinet Services - List of manual and auto generated services for each ADOM.
  • Fortinet Service Groups - List of service groups for each ADOM.
  • Fortinet Policy - Fortinet Policies for each ADOM. We currently support only IPv4 policies, Fortinet Global Header Policies, and Fortinet Global Footer policies.
  • Fortinet Policy Packages - List of Policy packages. The policy packages name also contain the path to the policy package preceding the name of package.
  • Fortinet Devices - List of Fortinet devices that are associated with the FortiManager.
  • Fortinet Device Groups - List of Fortinet Device Groups specified by the user.
The followings are not supported:
  • VM to VM path for physical devices in transparent mode.
  • Advanced (non-IP based) policy properties like User, User Group, Application, and Security Profile.