When you add crown jewels in vRealize Network Insight Cloud, you can analyze and view existing flow related information, relationships between the entities based on flows, number of entities directly connected to your crown jewels, total incoming traffic flow to your crown jewels, and so on.


  1. From left navigation page, click Plan & Assess > Crown Jewel Analysis > Add Crown Jewels.
    Note: If any crown jewels exist in your environment in vRealize Network Insight Cloud, then you can add crown jewels from the Manage Crown Jewels page.
  2. In the Add Crown Jewels page, select VMs or IPs you want to add as crown jewels.
    You can add multiple VMs or IPs as crown jewels. You can add either VMs and IPs that are auto populated by the system or use the custom VM or the custom IP search to add VMs and IPs as crown jewels.
    Note: You can add up to 25 entities as crown jewels.
  3. Click Submit.

What to do next

You can Perform Crown Jewel Analysis or Managing Crown Jewels.