You can start a troubleshooting incident to find a root cause for any abnormality or problem that you have observed on an entity in vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

To find root causes in the Troubleshoot page, you can do the following steps.


  • In the Relationship widget, select or expand the related entities marked in red to view the anomalies detected by the system.
  • Drill down all the related entities that are marked as red, one by one, to find the entity that is responsible for the problem you are facing in your environment. Click (+) to expand each entity group.
    You can also click and view the other entities in the relationship graph if required for your troubleshooting.
  • When you find an entity that might cause the problem, click Analysis to view the metric analysis and to find the cause of the anomaly.
  • While investigating the root cause you can use filter to find specific metrics and alerts of your interest. All the anomalies in a metrics highlighted by (an inverted triangle). You can also flag a metric and mark a metric as root cause.
  • Use the Notes sections to add your thoughts and observations. Anyone who open this session can see your notes.
  • When your investigation is complete, you can close the session by clicking Close Session button.
    You can close a session as resolved or unresolved. Resolved status implies you have found a root cause and unresolved status implies that you did not find any root cause. You can also add remarks while closing a session to note down any comments.
    Note: You can open an closed incident irrespective of the resolution. You can also change the status of a closed incident.