You can use the Edge page to get a quick overview of the VMware SD-WAN Edge in vRealize Network Insight Cloud.

To access this page, search VeloCloud Edge and in the search result list, click the entity you want to view.


In this page, you see the following sections:

Section Details
Overview You see:
  • Summary of your VMware SD-WAN Edge, like the alert chart, policies chart, uptime details, number of applications, segments, links, layer 2 networks, LAN interfaces, WAN interfaces, policies details, and tunnels.
  • VMware SD-WAN Edge topology and Edge to Edge tunnel topology.

    In Edge to Edge tunnel topology, you can see topology of healthy, unhealthy, or all the tunnels from the drop-down menu.

  • QOE and peer tunnel metrics.
  • Peer Tunnel Metrics
  • Flow Visibility: Shows flow visibility though graphical chart (sankey chart) from source to destination, either directly or though any entity (for example, gateway, hub, and so on). Click on the chart to see more details about the flows.

    You can click the flows to see the flow path topology. In path topology, you can see two types of path: Config based and Flow based (if applicable).

Alert You see:
  • List of various alerts.
Flows You see:
  • List of flows that originate from an Edge or reached an Edge for which the firewall action is set as ALLOW.
Traffic Distribution You see:
  • Various traffic distribution lists, like the traffic distribution by application and priority, source & destination IP, flow path, traffic type, link policy, and route type.
Analytics You see:
  • Trends metric graph which shows metric related all the entities for which you have defined intents.
  • List of Alerts and Intents related to this entity page.
Metrics You see:
  • Various metrics such as app, link, tunnel, link application traffic, and link application packet metrics. You can also view metrics based on the time range. Use the time range slider to select a time range.

    You can also add metrics graph by clicking ADD METRIC GRAPH button.

You can also click the entities on this page to the see more detailed insight about the particular entity.