In vRealize Network Insight Cloud, you create a dashboard to quickly access information that is critical to your business operations.


  • To create a dashboard, do one of the following:
      1. Click the Create New Dashboard option on the homepage or on the All Dashboards page.
      2. Enter the name and description for the new dashboard.
      3. From the Suggested Widgets section, drag widgets and drop them to the dashboard. Or, click the Add button on the widget to add the widget to the dashboard.
      4. Click Save.
      1. Click the pin icon on the widget that you want to pin.
      2. Click Create New Dashboard on the Pin to Dashboard pop-up window.
      3. Enter the name and description for the new dashboard.
      4. Click Create and Pin.
    • The dashboard name must be unique across vRealize Network Insight Cloud.
    • The dashboard name must not have more than 100 characters.
    • You can use only letters, numbers, and spaces while naming a dashboard.
    • The maximum number of entries you can see in the Recently Modified list is 15.
    • The maximum number of dashboards that you can create across all users is 500. The maximum number includes custom dashboards, shared dashboards, and default dashboards.
    • The maximum number of pins allowed per dashboard is 20.

What to do next

You can perform the following actions on the dashboard:

  • Share the dashboard with any other vRealize Network Insight Cloud users.
  • Edit the name and description of the dashboard.
  • You can modify, and rearrange the pins on a dashboard. Their positions are persisted.
  • Duplicate and delete the dashboard.
  • Export the information on the dashboard as a PDF report.