You can view, activate, and configure solutions that are already installed from the Solutions page.

How Solutions Work

Solutions can include dashboards, reports, alerts and other content, cloud accounts and other accounts. The cloud accounts and other accounts contain adapters using which vRealize Operations Cloud manage the communication and integration with other products, applications, and functions.

Where You Find Solutions

In the menu, click Administration and in the left pane under Solutions, click Repository to view and activate/deactivate cloud and other solutions. Click Cloud Accounts to view and configure the cloud solutions that are already installed. Click Other Accounts view and configure other solutions that are already installed.
Note: The VMware vSphere solution and other native management packs are pre-installed and cannot be deactivated.

Data Collection Notifications

The Data Collection bell icon on the menu provides quick access to status and critical notifications related to data collections. The icon indicates whether notifications exist, and whether any of them are critical.

The list displays notifications about the data collections that are in progress, and indicates whether any of them have critical issues. The list groups the data collection notifications that are in progress into a single entry at the bottom of the list. To view the details about a collection, expand the notification.

Each notification displays the status of the last or current data collection, the associated adapter instance, and the time since the collection completed or an issue was identified. You can click a notification to open the Solutions page, where you can see further details, and manage adapter instances.

If problems occur with the data collections, vRealize Operations Cloud identifies those problems during each 5-minute collection cycle.

Failed Solution Installation

If a solution installation fails, plug-ins related to the solution might appear in the Plug-ins page of vRealize Operations Cloud, even though the solution is not installed and does not appear on the Solutions page. When the solution installation fails, reinstall the solution.