Install of an agent on a Linux end point fails for a non-root user with a specific set of privileges.


Agent installation fails with the following error if the tty command is not added:
Bootstrap Failed for VM <VM ID> with error message:{ "status":"FAILED", "data":[ { "status":"FAILED", "message":"Failed - install - passwordless sudo access is required for the user <Install Username> on the command mkdir. [sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo]", "stage":"0" } ], "currentstage":"0", "totalstages":"0" }


  • If you get the error as stated above, verify that the following lines exist in /etc/sudoers.
    1. root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL 
    2.Defaults:root !requiretty 
    3.Defaults:arcuser !requiretty

    (1) can be omitted if password-less sudo is already enabled for the root user. (2) and (3) can be omitted if your endpoint VMs are already configured to turn off requiretty.

    Add these lines to /etc/sudoers, if you have not added them.
  • To solve other failures on Linux end points, ensure that /tmp mount point is mounted with the exec mount option.