With global settings, you set times to delete objects, set timeouts, store historical data, use dynamic threshold and capacity calculations, and determine how vCenter Server users log in. For automated actions, you can select whether to allow actions to be triggered from alert recommendations automatically.


  1. In the menu, click Administration, and then in the left pane click Management > Global Settings.
  2. To edit the global settings, click the setting you want to edit.
    Note: Editable global settings have a hidden Edit icon next to their values. To see the icon, point to the global setting.
    Table 1. Global Settings Options
    Option Description
    Edit Global Settings

    Click the global setting you want to edit to activate the edit mode and modify the setting values. To edit non-switchable settings, select a value and then click Save. To edit switchable settings, select a value and then click Enable or Disable to change the setting. Click Cancel to discard all changes and exit the edit mode.


    Setting name.


    Current value for the setting.

    To change the setting value, click Edit Global Settings.


    Information about the setting. Point to the setting to display additional information about the setting.