Ensure that you complete the prerequisites required during the handshake of cloud proxy with the end points.

Here are the prerequisites:

  • Ensure that the NTP settings of the ESXi instance that hosts the end points, the end points, and cloud proxy are in sync.
  • Ensure that the end points have access to ports 443, 4505, and 4506 on cloud proxy.
  • Guest operation privileges are required to install agents on virtual machines. The vCenter Server user account with which the vCenter adapter is configured in vRealize Operations Cloud, should have the following permissions: Guest operation modifications, Guest operation program execution, and Guest operation queries.
    Note: For script-based agent install and uninstall, the Guest operation modifications, Guest operation program execution, and Guest operation queries permissions are not required.
  • Account privilege prerequisites. See User Account Prerequisites for more details.
  • End-point VM configuration requirements.
    • Linux requirements

      Commands: /bin/bash, sudo, tar, awk, curl

      Packages: coreutils (chmod, chown, cat), shadow-utils (useradd, groupadd, userdel, groupdel), net-tools

      Configure mount point on /tmp directory to allow script execution.

    • Windows 2012 R2 requirement

      The end point must be updated with the Universal C Runtime. Refer to the following link for more information.

    • Windows requirement
      • The Visual C++ version must be higher than 14.
      • Performance Monitors on a Windows OS VM must be enabled.
  • VMware Tools must be installed and running on the VM on which you want to install the agent. For information about supported VMware Tools versions, click this link.
  • If plugin activation requires the location of a file (for example, client certificates for SSL Trust) on the endpoint VM, the location and the files should have appropriate read permissions for the arcuser to access those files.
    Note: If the plugin displays a permission denied status, provide the arcuser with permissions to the file locations that you have specified during plugin activation.