Integrating the Application Performance Monitoring tools to discover applications, enhances the troubleshooting abilities by retrieving the application topology and key metrics.

How Can I View Applications Available for Integration

In the Home page, click Manage Applications > Application Integration from the left pane. Click Discover Applications to view the applications available for integration and the applications that are successfully integrated. For details, see Integrating Applications.

Where Can I Find the Discovered Applications

Once the application is integrated, the discovered applications are displayed in the Application Integration page after a few collection cycles.

Table 1. Application Integration Page Options
Options Descriptions
All Filters You can filter the discovered applications by Name, Object Type, and Adapter Type.
Application Name Displays the name of the application. Click this link to view the details in the Summary page.
Object Type Displays the type of object.
Source Displays the source of the application.
Adapter Type Displays the name of the adapter.
Active Alerts Displays the active alerts associated with the application.