The Manage Solution configuration for the vSphere solution provides a set of questions for you to answer to help you define the default policy settings associated with your vCenter Adapter. You can create a policy for a management pack solution that you add to vRealize Operations Cloud.

How Define Monitoring Goals Works in vRealize Operations Cloud

The Manage Solution workspace includes an option to define monitoring goals for the solution. The selections you make determine the default policy settings that vRealize Operations Cloud uses to analyze and monitor the objects associated with the solution.

For example, you might have a production environment that is composed of four separate production areas, each of which includes specific object groups. To monitor the objects in each production area, you must set the default policy settings according to the monitoring requirements for each area. You can have vRealize Operations Cloud set the default settings based on your infrastructure or virtual machines, alert you on individual objects or object groups, and so on.

Where You Define the Monitoring Goals for a Solution

To define the monitoring goals for a solution and establish the default settings for monitoring goals in the default policy, in the menu, click Administration, and then in the left pane, click Solutions > Configuration, and select a solution. Click Configure, and click Define Monitoring Goals. In the Define Monitoring Goals dialog box that appears, select answers to the questions about your objects, alerts, memory capacity, and compliance settings according to the vSphere Hardening Guide.

When you select an option, vRealize Operations Cloud saves your setting. If you display the Define Monitoring Goals dialog box later, and the user interface did not appear to retain your selection, the selection is still active. As a double-check, select the option again, and click Save.

To adjust advanced settings of the policy, in the menu, click Administration, and then in the left pane, click Policies.

Table 1. Define Monitoring Goals Questions
Option Description
Which objects do you want to be alerted on in your environment?

Select the type of objects to receive alerts. You can have vRealize Operations Cloud alert on all infrastructure objects except for virtual machines, only virtual machines, or all.

Which type of alerts do you want to enable?

You can enable vRealize Operations Cloud to trigger Health, Risk, and Efficiency alerts on your objects.

Configure Memory Capacity based on?

Set the memory capacity model based on the type of environment to monitor. For example, to monitor a production environment, select the vSphere Default model to use moderate settings to ensure performance. Use Most Aggressive for test and development environments. Use Most Conservative to use all allocated memory for capacity calculations.

Enable vSphere Hardening Guide Alerts?

Use the vSphere Hardening Guide to continuously and securely assess and operate your vSphere objects. When you enable these alerts, vRealize Operations Cloud assesses your objects against the vSphere Hardening Guide rules.

Learn More links To display more information about a monitoring goal selection, click Learn More.

You can find the vSphere Hardening Guides at