The vSAN Capacity dashboard complements the vSphere Cluster Capacity dashboard by displaying capacity related to vSAN. To manage vSAN capacity, use both dashboards.

Design Considerations

As this dashboard is designed to complement the vSphere Cluster Capacity dashboard, it shares the same design consideration. It focuses on the storage and vSAN specific metrics but does not list non-vSAN clusters.

See Capacity Dashboards for common design considerations among all the dashboards for capacity management.

Wastage is displayed by a new color. The dark gray color indicates that wastage as capacity is not used. The performance problem due to low utilization can be caused by a bottleneck elsewhere.

How to Use the Dashboard

The vSAN Capacity dashboard is layered, gradually providing details as you work top-down in the dashboard.

The first layer displays two distribution charts.
  • The Clusters by Capacity Remaining and Clusters by Time Remaining (days) bar charts summarize the clusters based on capacity remaining and time remaining. Just because you are running low on capacity does not mean you are running out of time.
  • The two bar charts work together. The ideal situation is low Capacity Remaining and high Time Remaining. This means that your resources are cost effective and are working as expected.
The second layer displays a heat map.
  • The three heat maps are Time Remaining, Capacity Remaining, and VM Remaining.
  • The cluster size is made constant for ease of use. If your cluster sizes are not standardized, consider using the number of ESXi hosts to display the difference in sizes.
The third layer displays a table, accompanied by other widgets to display details of the selected cluster.
  • vSAN Clusters widget. If any cluster needs attention, then select the cluster to view the related details.

Points to Note

  • Add a drill-down to the ESXi Capacity dashboard. A logical place to initiate this drill-down is in the Cluster Capacity List widget. Link this widget into the table of ESXi host in the destination dashboard.