Ensure that you complete all the prerequisites required so that cloud proxy can communicate with vCenter Server.

  • Ensure that the NTP settings of the ESXi instance that hosts the end points and cloud proxy are in sync.
  • Port 443 in vCenter Server is accessible to cloud proxy.
  • Port 443 in the ESXi where the workload end-points are deployed must be accessible to cloud proxy.
  • Port 443 in Platform Services Controller is accessible to cloud proxy. Open this port if vCenter Server is configured with an external Platform Services Controller.
  • Verify that you have configured a vCenter adapter. The vCenter Server user account with which the vCenter adapter is configured in vRealize Operations Cloud, should have read access at the vCenter Server level and should also have the following permissions: Guest operation modifications, Guest operation program execution, and Guest operation queries. See Install an Agent from the UI.