The custom profile element lets you apply a custom profile which shows how many more of a specified object can fit in your environment depending on the available capacity and object configuration.

Where You Define the Custom Profiles

To define a custom profile, in the menu click Administration, and then in the left pane click Configuration. Click Custom Profiles and click the Add option to define a new custom profile.

Where You Select the Custom Profile Element

To view and override the policy Custom Profile analysis setting, in the menu, click Administration, and then in the left pane click Policies. Click Add to add a policy or select the required policy, and then in the right pane, click Edit Policy to edit a policy. In the Create or Edit policy workspace, click Capacity, then select one or more objects in the left pane. The custom profile element for the object types that you selected in the workspace appear in the right pane. Click the lock icon to unlock the section and make changes.