In vRealize Operations Cloud, you can configure the Ping functionality to verify the availability of end points that exist in your virtual environment. The ping functionality is configured at the adapter instance for IP addresses, group of IP addresses, and FQDN.

Note: If you have multiple adapter instances running on different collectors and both are pinging the same address, you can still get statistics from both the adapter instances for the same IP.


  1. In the menu, click Administration, and then from the left pane click Solutions > Other Accounts > Add Accounts.
  2. Click the Ping adapter instance.
  3. Configure the Ping adapter instance.
    Option Description
    Name Enter a name for the adapter instance.
    Description Enter the description of the adapter instance.
    Unique Name Specify the name for the adapter instance. You can use the name to view the metrics published for the adapter instance.
    Address List Specify the IP address, IP address range, and the FQDN which must be pinged.
    Configuration Filename Specify the name of the configuration file. The configuration file contains the IP addresses, Cedar information, and FQDN details as a comma-separated file.
    Collectors/Groups Select the collector from which this adapter instance must run.
    Advanced Settings To configure the advanced settings, click the drop-down menu.
    Batch Circle Interval Specify the time interval for a new ping cycle to start. The batch circle interval values must be between 0 and 300 seconds.
    Number of Pings Specify how many times you have to ping the same IP address.
    Period Specify how long you must wait before you ping the IP address again.
    DNS Name Resolve Interval Specify the time at which you must resolve the DNS name for the next cycle. By default the value is set to 30 minutes.
    Packet Size Specify the byte size of the packet when you ping.
    Don't Fragment Select False to fragment the packet and True to not fragment the packet.
  4. Click Save.


After you configure the Ping adapter instance, you can view the adapter details from Administration > Solutions > Inventory > vRealize Ping Adapter Instance.