The dashboards in the Configuration and Compliance category cater to administrators who are responsible for managing configuration drifts within a virtual infrastructure. Since most of the issues in a virtual infrastructure are a result of inconsistent configurations, dashboards in this category highlight the inconsistencies at various levels such as VMs, hosts, clusters, and virtual networks. You can view a list of configuration improvements that helps you avoid problems that are caused because of misconfigurations.

Your IT security teams can also measure your environment against the vSphere hardening best practices to ensure that your environment is fully secured and meets all the compliance standards.

Key questions these dashboards help you answer are as follows:

  • Are the vSphere clusters consistently configured for high availability (HA) and optimal performance?
  • Are the ESXi hosts consistently configured and available to use?
  • Are the VMs sized and configured as per the recommended best practices?
  • Are virtual switches configured optimally?
  • Is the environment configured in accordance with the vSphere Hardening Guide?