Configure an instance of the vRealize Network Insight in vRealize Operations Cloud.


In vRealize Operation Cloud, configure the vCenter, NSX-T, and NSX for vSphere Management Pack with the appropriate cloud proxy settings.


  1. On the menu, click Administration.
  2. In the left pane, expand Management and click Integrations.
  3. Under Integrations, click the verticle ellipse next to VMware vRealize Network Insight and click Configure.
  4. Configure the adapter instance.




    The FQDN or the IP address of vRealize Network Insight.


    Select and add the credential you want to use to sign on to the environment from the drop-down menu. To add new credentials to access the environment of this management pack, click the plus sign.

    • Credential Name. Credential Name.

    • CSP Refresh Token. The CSP Refresh token of vRealize Network Insight Cloud. To generate the CSP Refresh Token in vRealize Network Insight Cloud:

      1. Log in to the VMware Cloud Services and select the vRealize Network Insight Cloud account.

      2. Select your user profile in the top-right corner, and click My Account.

      3. In the My Account page, click API Tokens, and then click Generate Token.

      4. Click Generate.

      5. Copy or save this token.

    Collector / Group

    Select the default collector group.

    Note: With vRealize Operations Cloud, vRealize Network Insight Management Pack user will not be allowed to select any proxy collector.

    Validate Connection

    To initiate the authentication request to the CSP authentication service, click Validate Connection.

  5. The vRealize Network Insight instance collects events based on common data sources between vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Network Insight. When you disable the Import problem events as based on common data sources option, all the events are imported into the vRealize Operations Cloud.
  6. You can collect user-defined events of vRealize Network Insight as notifications in vRealize Operations Cloud. To do so, enable the Import User defined events as Notifications.
  7. Select the severity of the problem events you want to import. By default, all the problem events with moderate and critical severities are imported.
  8. Click Add.

    The vRealize Network Insight instance is added to the list.