As a virtual infrastructure administrator, you need vRealize Operations Cloud to send alerts in JSON or XML to a REST-enabled application that has a REST Web service that accepts these messages. You want only alerts where the virtualization alerts that affect availability alert types go to this outside application. You can then use the provided information to initiate a remediation process in that application to address the problem indicated by the alert.

The notification configuration limits the alerts sent to the outbound alert instance to those matching the notification criteria.



  1. In the menu, click Alerts and then in the left pane, click Configuration > Notifications.
  2. Click Add to add a notification rule.
  3. In the Name text box, enter a name similar to Virtualization Alerts for Availability.
  4. In the Method area, select REST Notification Plugin from the drop-down menu, and select the configured instance of the email plug-in.
  5. Set the Notification Status, you can either enable or disable a notification setting. Disabling a notification stops the alert notification for that setting and enabling it activates it again.
  6. Configure the Notification Trigger.
    1. From the Notification Trigger drop-down menu, select Alert Type.
    2. Click Select an Alert Type/Subtype and select any alert types or subtypes under Virtualization/Hypervisor Alerts Availability.
  7. In the Criticality area, click Warning.
  8. Expand the Advanced Filters and from the Alert Status drop-down menu, select New.
    The New status indicates that the alert is new to the system and not updated.
  9. Click Save.


You created a notification rule that sends the alert text to the target REST-enabled system. Only the alerts where the configured alert impact is Virtualization/Hypervisor Availability and where the alert is configured as a warning are sent to the target instance using the REST plug-in.