Every object in your environment is of a particular object type. You use Manage Object Type Tags to control the object type tags displayed.

How Manage Object Type Tags Works

For every adapter instance installed, vRealize Operations Cloud discovers objects in your environment and starts collecting data from those objects.

Where You Find Manage Object Type Tags

In the menu, click Administration, then click Configuration > Inventory in the left pane. Click the Manage Object Type Tags icon above the list of tags.

Manage Object Type Tags Options

Depending on the number of adapters installed , there may be hundreds of object type tags. The Manage Object Type Tags options allow you to turn on or off the tags listed.

  • Type a filter word to show the object type tags with the word.
  • Name lists all the object type tags.
  • To toggle the display of an object type tag, select the check box in the Show Tag column of its row.