You can view and configure native management packs and other solutions that are already installed and configure adapter instances from the other accounts page.

Note: You must activate solutions before configuring them. For more information, see Solutions Repository

The Other Accounts page includes a toolbar of options.

Click All Filters and select All to enter your criteria or filter them according to name, collector, description, solution, or adapter.

The other accounts page lists the solutions that were added and configured so that vRealize Operations Cloud can collect data. To add another account, click Add Account and select one of the solutions. For more information see, Adding Other Accounts.

Table 1. Cloud Accounts Grid Options
Option Description
Vertical Ellipses Change the configuration of the solution, like stop the data collection, edit or delete the cloud account, and view the object details related to the account.
Name Name that the vendor or manufacturer gave to the solution.
Status Indicates the status of the solution and whether the adapter is collecting any data. If the status displays a green tick with the text OK, it means that the solution is collecting data.
Description Typically, an indication of what the solution monitors or what data source its adapter connects to.
Identifier Version and build number identifiers of the solution.
Licensing Indicates that the solution requires a license.
Collector Indicates the status of the solution. Data receiving shows that the solution is collecting data.

Manage the Cloud Solutions

To add and configure the cloud accounts, see Manage Other Accounts