You can take regular backups of your custom and the out-of-the-box content and import it to a different environment.


  • Ensure that you have downloaded the backup ZIP file. For details, see Creating a Backup.
Note: Items owned by a particular user (for example, dashboards and report schedules), except those owned by admin user, will be skipped while importing the content.


  1. In the Administration page, click Management > Content Management.
  2. Click the Import Content tab and then, click Browse to select the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. If there is a conflict while importing the content, you can select to either Override existing content or Skip item(s).
    The details of the overridden or the skipped content are displayed only during the import and right after the import is completed. You can view this information under the Results section in the same page.
  4. Click Import Content.
    After the import is completed, the content is available in the destination setup.