Review the following list of feature limitations of Azure VMware Solution integration.

  • Microsoft manages the compliance of Azure VMware Solution hosts. Ignore the compliance alerts for Azure VMware Solution hosts.
  • Management VMs are hidden from end-user visibility, hence their CPU and memory utilization are not included in the utilization of hosts, clusters, and upper level objects. As a result, the utilization of hosts and clusters might appear lower than expected and capacity remaining may appear higher than expected.
  • Cost calculation is not supported on Azure VMware Solution. Ignore all the cost metrics.
  • The end-user on the vCenter Server on Azure VMware Solution has limited privileges. In-guest memory collection using VMware tools is not supported with virtual machines. Active and consumed memory utilizations continue to work in this case.
  • You cannot log in to vRealize Operations Cloud using the credentials of the vCenter Server on Azure VMware Solution.
  • The vCenter Server on Azure VMware Solution does not support the vRealize Operations Cloud plugin.
  • Workload optimization including pDRS and host-based business intent is not supported because the end-user does not have respective privileges to manage cluster configurations.