Contact your organization owners to add user accounts so that users can access the features of vRealize Operations Cloud and certain objects in the environment. After the organization owners add the user accounts, you can assign them to one or more user groups, and assign roles and objects to the account to specify the actions the user can perform and upon what objects. Assign the administrators role only to specific users who must access objects and perform actions in the entire environment.

Where You Add or Edit User Accounts

  1. To modify a user account, in the menu, click Administration, and then in the left pane click Access > Access Control
  2. To edit a user account, click the vertical ellipsis and select Edit.

    The Edit Permissions dialog box opens.

  3. Click the Select Role drop-down menu and select a role.
  4. Click the Assign this role to the user check box.

    Select which objects the user can access when assigned this role.

    • Select Object Hierarchies: Displays groups of objects. Select an object in this list to select all the objects in the hierarchy.
    • Select Object: To select specific objects within the object hierarchy, click the down arrow to expand the list of objects. For example, expand the Adapter Instance hierarchy, and select one or more adapters.
    • Allow access to all objects in the system: Select this check box to permit the user account access to all objects in the system.