Amazon charges you for the metrics you collect. You can reduce costs by selecting only the metrics that are most helpful and filtering out those that are of less interest.

By default, AWS requests data every 5 minutes. Every collection cycle makes one Cloud Watch call per metric, per object. Currently, there are 10 basic metrics for EC2 instances and 10 basic metrics for EBS volumes. Given these figures, you can estimate the costs over time.

For information about metric costs, see

Based on the costs associated with running the adapter, you can take advantage of some of the features that limit the amount of data you collect from AWS.
  • Turn off auto discovery and use manual discovery. Select only those objects that are critical to your system.
  • Subscribe only to specific critical regions or services.
  • Use allowlist and denylist filtering to select object import by name.
  • Go to the default attribute package for each object. Turn off collection of metrics that are not critical for your system.