To start one or more virtual machines that are in a powered off state, use the Power On VM action. You power on a virtual machine so that you can shift resources. For example, power on a machine so that you can use it, run applications, or verify that actions that were run on already powered down machines contribute to improved performance.

How the Action Works

The Power On VM action powers on virtual machines that are powered off. The action does not affect virtual machines that are currently powered on.

If the target virtual machine is already powered on, the task status reports success for the machine even though the state of the virtual machine did not change.

Where You Run the Action

For the supported objects and object levels, this action is available in the following locations in vRealize Operations Cloud:
  • Embedded just below the top menu.
  • On the toolbar when you click Environment in the menu, select an object, click the Details tab, and click Views.
  • On the toolbar when you click Environment in the menu, select an object, click the Environment tab, and select an object in the list view.
  • In the Inventory list when you click Administration in the menu, click Inventory, then click the List tab, and select an object in the list.
  • In configured alert recommendations.
  • In the Object List and Topology Graph dashboard widgets.

Action Options

To ensure that you are taking the right action, review the following information .

Option Description
Selected objects

Check box indicates whether the action is applied to the object. To not run the action on one or more objects, deselect the associated check boxes. This option is available when two or more objects are selected.


Name of the virtual machine as it appears in the environment inventory.

Power State

Indicates whether the virtual machine is powered on or powered off.


Name of the host on which the virtual machine is running.

Adapter Instance

Name of the VMware Adapter as it is configured in vRealize Operations Cloud. The adapter manages the communication with the vCenter Server instance.

After you click OK, the next dialog box provides the task ID and a link to the task list.

Table 1. Task ID Dialog Box
Option Description
Recent Tasks To view the status of the job and verify that the job finished, click Recent Tasks.
OK To close the dialog box without further action, click OK.