The vRealize Operations Management Pack for Flowgate is an embedded adapter with diagnostic dashboards for vRealize Operations Manager. The adapter collects metrics from the Flowgate system.

Flowgate is an open-source vendor neutral project, helps enterprises integrate facility systems data and IT data to form a single view of their operations. By combining these two disparate data sets into one view, data center managers are better equipped to optimize operations and make smarter choices about the workload placement. With Project Flowgate, we can fetch metadata and runtime metrics from various facility systems like DCIM and CMDB (Configuration Management Database), process the data from IT systems, correlate both together. Then push the results to the IT infrastructure management (for example: vCenter) and operation management (for example: vROps) systems. In that way, IT administrators can see updated data from facilities for IT assets in one single pane of glass. They can also view and analyze additional resources such as: power supply, cooling capacity, temperature/moisture situation for every specific server, and conduct many facility awared operations, which were previously impossible.