You can add a Management Pack instance to your vRealize Operations Manager implementation.



  1. In the top pane of vRealize Operations Manager, click the Administration menu.
  2. In the left pane, select the Solutions > Other Accounts menu.
  3. Click the Add Account button, select the Flowgate icon.
  4. Configure the instance settings.
    Option Description


    The a name for the adapter instance.


    The description for the instance.

    Flowgate Server IP

    The the Flowgate server IP address

    Flowgate Server Port

    Flowgate server port, default is 443.


    The credentials used to access the Flowgate server. To add credential, clicking the plus button and enter the details.

    • Enter an instance name for the credential values you are creating. It is not the name of the adapter instance, but a friendly name for the credential.

    • Enter the Flowgate user name.

    • Enter the Flowgate password.

    • Enter the vRealize Operation Manager user name.

    • Enter the vRealize Operation Manager password.

    The vRealize Operations Manager user is used to fetch the server data and push environment metrics, create alerts to the HostSystem object. Make sure that the user has full REST API privileges.


    The collector group. Use the default collector group.

  5. To verify the connect information, click Validate Connection.
  6. Accept the certificate verification. The confirmation dialogue only appears when the Flowgate server uses a self-signed certificate.
  7. To save the instance configuration, click Save.