Configure the Kubernetes adapter to discover and monitor Kubernetes clusters created using TKG. You only need to set up the TKG Management Cluster via the Kubernetes adapter to discover the TKG workload clusters and monitor them. Once the Management Cluster is configured, the Kubernetes adapter instance queries the API of the TKG Management Cluster every 5 minutes (default collection interval) to check for Workload Clusters deployed or deleted. For every discovered cluster, a new Kubernetes adapter instance is automatically created.


  • Verify that you have installed VMware vRealize® Operations™ Management Pack for Kubernetes.

  • Verify that the control plane of the Management Cluster is accessible and resolvable.
  • Select either the cAdvisor or Prometheus monitoring option.
    • If you want to use cAdvisor and run it as a DaemonSet, verify that the Kubernetes Clusters available in the TKG environment have the cAdvisor DaemonSet configured on the same port in all the clusters.
    • If you want to use Prometheus, ensure you have the server running and the endpoint is accessible with the credentials.
  • You can create user-defined custom roles but the roles should have read-only access to all the resources in the cluster and the Kubernetes API.
  • Only a few performance metrics are collected using cAdvisor collector service for certain container runtimes.