Run a vRealize Orchestrator workflow from the Inventory Explorer to perform common management tasks.


Verify that you have configured the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator. You can run a workflow only on unique resource names. If two resources have the same name, the workflow may not run.


  1. From the left menu, click Administration, and then click Inventory on the left pane.
  2. Click Adapter Instances, and then click vRealize Orchestrator Adapter Instance from the list of adapter instances.
  3. Select the Adapter Instance that contains the workflow that you want to run.
    A list of all the workflows are displayed on the right pane.
  4. Click the Actions icon and then Execute Workflow Action to run the workflow.
  5. In the Execute Workflow Action dialog box, enter the input parameters to run the workflow. You must provide input parameters in the Input parameter to run the Workflow and vCenter Server IP columns.
    • Table 1. Input Format for the Input parameter to run the Workflow column
      Workflow Data type Format for Providing Input Values
      String/Secure String/VC:XYZ (any String) Resource name without single or double quotes
      Number Any numeric value. For example, you can provide the index number which corresponds to the VM's guest Operating System name for input parameter data type for the guest Operating System identifier. See Using the Input Parameter Data Type for Guest Operating System Identifier in the Appendix for more information.
      Boolean True or False
      Array/XYZ (any string) Input for the array in the following format:

      (input1, input2) or [input1, input2] or {input1, input2}

      Optional inputs If you do not wish to specify for any value for an optional input, you just need to provide a comma (,) in place of the value.
      Note: : User input should be ordered with respect to the data type of the workflow input parameter.
    • For the vCenter Server IP column, select the vCenter server IP from the dropdown. This is only required for the workflows that you run in the vCenter Server.
  6. Click Begin Action.

What to do next

You can check if the task has been completed to verify if the workflow has executed.