By default, Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator discovers custom vCenter workflows and Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator Out of the box (OOTB) workflows. You can extend the workflow capability of the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator by installing additional packages.

Install additional packages to support workflows related to different adapters.


Install and configure the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator. The Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator must connect to an external adapter before you install packages related to the adapter. In the Solutions page, verify that the Collection State column and Collection Status are green under Configured Adapter Instances. The Collection Status displays Data Receiving after the first collection cycle.


  1. Log in to the vRealize Operations instance.
  2. From the left menu, click Environment > Inventory, and then click Adapter Instances > vRealize Orchestrator Adapter Instance.
  3. Select a vRealize Orchestrator adapter instance.
  4. Next to the name of the vRealize Orchestrator adapter instance in the right pane, click Configure Package Discovery under Actions.
  5. The Configure Package Discovery dialog box opens. Add a list of packages to be discovered in the following format: <packageName>
  6. Click Begin Action.
  7. The package discovery task starts. You can view the task ID in the Configure Package Discovery dialog box. Click OK.
  8. To track the progress of the task, go to the Recent Tasks section in the Administration menu. Package discovery starts after the first content cycle.