After you install the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator, you must perform the required tasks before you can run a workflow and remediate the alert.

Task Purpose
Configure Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator The workflows that help you remediate alerts are available in vRealize Orchestrator. You must configure the Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator to connect to a external vRealize Orchestrator or an instance embedded in vRealize Automation.

Using dynamic actions, Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator automatically converts all the custom vCenter package workflows to alert actions.

Add a vCenter server instance to vRealize Orchestrator You can optionally perform this task to add a vCenter server instance to vRealize Orchestrator from vRealize Operations.
Discover additional vRealize Orchestrator packages. This task is optional. After you configure the vRealize Orchestrator adapter, you can discover vCenter user-defined packages or workflows.
Map user defined workflows to resources as actions. You can map user defined workflows to resources, or modify custom workflows that are already mapped to resources before you trigger them as actions.

If the user defined workflows are part of a package, you cannot map the package directly. You can only map workflows in the package.

Map workflows to alerts.

Map the custom workflows, user defined workflows and out of the box workflows to alerts via recommendations to see the Run Action button in an alert.

Apply a new policy or modify an existing policy to automate execution of workflows. Automate the execution of workflows that have predefined parameters by using a policy on the management groups that contain the vRealize Orchestrator Adapter Managed Objects.
Run a workflow You can run a workflow from an alert via the Run Action button, from the inventory explorer, or from the dashboard.