The user can create an OAuth App for vRealize Orchestrator Management Pack.


  1. Go to VMware Cloud Services.
  2. To add an existing OAuth app, click Add OAuth App.
  3. To manage apps created from the current organization, click Identify & Access Management > OAuth Apps.
  4. To create a new OAuth app, click Create New OAuth App.
  5. Select the option Server to server app, and then click Continue.
  6. Enter the following details:
    Option Description

    App Name

    Name of the app

    App Description

    Description of the app

    Access Token TTL

    The default value is 30 minutes.


    This value cannot be less than the collection cycle.

  7. Select the Organization Roles as Organization Member.
  8. Select the Service Roles as Cloud Assembly Administrator of VMware Cloud Assembly.
  9. Click Create.

    The OAuth app is created. The user can download the app.

  10. Click Continue, and then click Add.

    The new OAuth app is added to the current organization.