Use the Horizon Applications dashboard to view the status and performance of application pools and their associated farms, RDS hosts, application sessions, application instances, and application users. The Horizon Applications dashboard is specific to Horizon with Horizon 6.1 and later environments.


You can hide dashboards that are not relevant to your Horizon environment. For information about configuring dashboards, see the vRealize Operations Manager documentation.

Tips for Using the Horizon Applications Dashboard

  • Application Pools widget shows all the application pools in current environment. It is the master widget in this dashboard and shows the following data of application pool: pool name, number of application instances, average application launch time and collection status.

  • Application Pool Relationship widget shows all the parent/children object of the selected pool.

  • Application instances widget shows all the running instances of the selected application pool in application pools widget. The following instance data are shown: user name, pool name, session state, application duration, server name, VM name, and collection status.

  • Application Instance Resource Trend widget shows the detailed instance resource consumption trend. The time period is last hour by default. The data shown are instance health, workload, CPU, memory, disk read bytes per second, and disk write bytes per second.

  • Application Use widget shows the users that launched the selected application in the last hour(default time period). You need to export the data in this widget to a csv file to see the detailed application user report.