You can modify the logging level for the Broker Agent service by modifying the broker agent configuration.


  1. Log on to the Horizon Connection Server host where the broker agent is installed with a domain user account.

    Local accounts do not have the necessary privileges to configure all settings.

  2. From the Start menu, select Broker Agent Config Utility for Horizon.
  3. In the Broker Agent Configuration Utility for Horizon, in Logging section, select the log level from the Logging Level drop-down list.

    The available log levels are Off, Error, Warning, Information, and Verbose. The log level is set to Information by default. To troubleshoot problems, set the logging level to Information. To view detailed messages, including micro steps, queries, and returned results, set the logging level to Verbose.


    If you set the logging level to Verbose, log files can become large very quickly. Set the logging level to Verbose only for short periods of time. Broker agent log files are purged once a week.

  4. Navigate to the last screen of the wizard and click Finish.