You can add or remove desktop pools from the scope of monitored objects by modifying the broker agent configuration.


Obtain the IDs for the desktop pools to monitor. You can find pool IDs in Horizon Administrator. For more information, see the administration document for your Horizon version.


  1. Log on to the Horizon Connection Server host where the broker agent is installed with a domain user account.

    Local accounts do not have the necessary privileges to configure all settings.

  2. From the Start menu, select VMware > vRealize Operations Horizon Broker Agent Settings.
  3. In the Desktop pools section on the vRealize Operations Horizon Broker Settings dialog box, select Specify desktop pools and type the IDs of the desktop pools in the text box.

    Use a comma to separate each desktop pool ID. If you do not select Specify desktop pools, vRealize Operations Manager monitors all desktop pools.

  4. Select whether to include or exclude the listed desktop pools.
  5. If you are monitoring a Horizon 6.0 with View or later environment, select whether to monitor application pools.

    You cannot filter the application pools to monitor. If you select this setting, vRealize Operations Manager monitors all application pools.

  6. Click Test to verify that the broker agent can connect to the desktop pools that you specified.
  7. Click Next to proceed.