The Horizon Overview dashboard shows the overall status of your Horizon environment. Use the Horizon Overview dashboard to visualize the end-to-end environment, its underlying environment, and alerts.

The Horizon Top Alerts widget shows the alerts of the greatest significance for Horizon objects. When you select a pod in the Horizon Pods widget, the Pod Indicator Metrics, Pod Session Metrics, and Pod Capacity Metrics widgets show data for the pod that you selected.

Tips for Using the Horizon Overview Dashboard

  • Click an alert in the Horizon Top Alerts widget to open the alert details.

  • Use the Horizon Pods widget to determine the total number of sessions, including the number of connected and disconnected sessions, for a selected pod. Use the Pod Session Metrics widget to view desktop, application, PCoIP, RDP, and Blast metrics.

  • The vCenter Server Instance widget shows the vCenter that the View pod is associated with. It includes vCenter name, vCenter CPU capacity usage, vCenter usable memory, vCenter disk capacity remaining, and collecting status.

  • The Capacity remaining widget shows the capacity related information of the selected vCenter in vCenter Server Instance widget. It shows the graph of used capacity and remaining capacity.

  • The Reclaimable Capacity widget shows the reclaimable capacity of the selected vCenter in the vCenter Server Instance widget. It shows the reclaimable CPU, memory, and disk. It also shows the percentage of VMs in different status.

  • Use the Access Point widget to see the status of multiple Access Points, including blast and PCoIP session counts, usage percentage (i.e., the percentage of the maximum number of sessions actually used), IP addresses, and collection status. Select an Access Point from the list and click on the Object Details icon to details about each Access Point (e.g., health and active alerts); you can also configure alert thresholds for session usage.

    You can configure the session level usage for an Access Point that triggers an alert. For example, you may want to trigger an alert if session usage reaches 90% of an AD's capacity. To do so:

    1. Click Home.

    2. Click Content in the vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon's sidebar.

    3. Click Symptom Definitions and Metric/Property Symptom Definitions.

    4. Filter for "Access Point" (or simply "access").

    5. Double-click on Session Usage and configure the alert to the desired value (e.g., 90%).