Use the Horizon Overview dashboard to visualize your end-to-end Horizon environment, its underlying environment, and alerts.

Table 1. Horizon Overview Widgets


What It Shows

Top Horizon Alerts

Alerts of the greatest significance to Horizon objects. You can click an alert to see details.

Horizon Pods

All Horizon pods in your environment. Select a pod to see related information in the other widgets.

Pod Session Metrics

Session-related statistics and metrics, including logon time, latency, and bandwidth, for the selected pod.

vCenter Server Instances

CPU, memory, and disk usage for each vCenter Server instance.

Capacity Remaining

Percentage of total vCenter Server instance resources that can still be used.

Reclaimable Capacity

Percentage of vCenter Server instance resources that you can reclaim from oversized, idle, and powered off objects.

Unified Access Gateways

Information about Unified Access Gateway appliances configured for the selected pod.