Use the Horizon Desktop Usage dashboard to view usage data for the VDI desktop pools in your Horizon environment.

Table 1. Horizon Desktop Usage Widgets
Widget What It Shows

All Desktop Pools

All VDI desktop pools in the environment with their session and connection information. RDS and application pools are not included. Select a pool to see related information in the other widgets.

Pool Desktop Sessions

All sessions for the selected desktop pool and login information.

Running Application/Process

Information about in-guest desktop processes and their resource usage. To display information, select an action from the drop-down menu in the toolbar and click Go.

Pool Events

Timeline of events and alerts for the selected pool. You can set filtering criteria on the widget toolbar.

Top Pool Alerts

The most significant active alerts for the selected pool.

Desktop Resource Trend

Resource workload and metrics for the selected pool over time. You can click the Time Range icon in the toolbar to set the period of time in which you want to see trends. The default setting is the past hour.

User VDI Desktop Resource Consumption

Pool resources consumed by each VDI desktop user.