Use the Horizon Root Cause Analysis dashboard to obtain a detailed view of an object's metrics for use in further analysis.

To use this dashboard, first locate an object on the Horizon Help Desk or Horizon End User Experience dashboard that you want to analyze. Click the object and select Dashboard Navigation > Navigate > Horizon Root Cause Analysis in the widget toolbar. The object is displayed in the Selected Object Relationship widget, and metrics and alerts for the object are displayed in the other widgets. You can also select another object in the Selected Object Relationship to view its metrics.

In the Selected Object Analysis Snapshot widget, you can select one or more metrics to display charts showing their changes over time in the Selected Metric Chart widget. The widget can contain metrics from more than one object.

In the Selected Metric Chart widget toolbar, you can click the Time Range icon in the toolbar to set the period of time in which you want to see trends. You can also click the Options icon in the upper right corner to save a snapshot of the chart, download its data as a CSV file, or change the position of the chart in the widget.