Use the Horizon RDS Host Details dashboard to view detailed information about RDS hosts in your Horizon environment, including host health, PCoIP-related data, detailed session data, and user resource consumption.

Table 1. Horizon RDS Host Details Widgets
Widget What It Shows

RDS Hosts

All RDS hosts in the environment with their collection status, health, and other metrics. Select a host to show information in the other widgets.

RDS Host Indicator Metrics

Key host metrics, including health, workload, sessions, and PCoIP latency, bandwidth, and packet loss.

RDS Host Processes & Users

Information about in-guest host processes and their resource usage. To display information, select an action from the drop-down menu in the toolbar and click Go.

RDS Host Sessions

Desktop and application sessions running on the selected host. The collection state and status, health score, workload, session state, protocol, and latency are displayed in sortable columns.

User Resource Consumption

Host resources consumed by each user, including CPU and storage metrics.

RDS Host Health and Events

Timeline of host health and alerts. You can set filtering criteria on the widget toolbar.