You can download the vRealize Operations for Horizon installation files from the VMware website.

To access the installation files, go to the vRealize Operations for Horizon download page. You can download individual files or an archive containing all vRealize Operations for Horizon installation files.

Table 1. vRealize Operations for Horizon Installation Files
Filename Component Where to Install



vRealize Operations Manager master or remote collector node


Broker agent

Horizon Connection Server host

Note: The broker agent supports only 64-bit systems.


Desktop agent (32-bit)

Parent VM (linked clones or instant clones), VM desktop source (desktop pools), or RDS host (RDS pools). The desktop agent is automatically installed as part of the Horizon Agentinstallation.


Desktop agent (64-bit)

Dashboards (optional)

vRealize Operations Manager user interface

Report templates (optional)

Note: The standalone desktop agent installer is not supported for Horizon 7.8 or later. If you are using Horizon 7.8, you must install the desktop agent when you install Horizon Agent. To do so, select vRealize Operations Desktop Agent on the Custom Setup page of the Horizon Agent installation wizard. For more information, see Install Horizon Agent on a Virtual Machine in the Setting Up Virtual Desktops in Horizon 7 document.