If your Horizon environment changes after the initial configuration of the broker agent, you can modify the broker agent settings on the Horizon Connection Server host where the broker agent is installed.


  1. Log in to the Horizon Connection Server host as a Horizon administrator.
  2. Select Start > VMware > vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent Settings.
  3. Click through each page of the wizard and make any necessary changes.
    • Pair the broker agent to a different adapter instance or use a different credential.
    • Update Horizon Connection Server or event database credentials.
    • Add or remove desktop pools from the scope of monitored objects.
    • Add or remove App Volumes Manager installations and Unified Access Gateway appliances from the scope of monitored objects.
    • Modify collection interval, timeout, and logging settings.
  4. On the Ready To Complete page, review your settings and click Finish.
    The Broker Agent Config Utility for Horizon wizard closes, and the broker agent service is restarted.