You install the vRealize Operations for Published Applications broker agent on an Active XenDesktop Delivery Controller.

About this task

You only install one broker agent for each XenDesktop Site.

A check box in the Broker Agent Setup wizard controls whether the Broker Agent Configuration wizard opens immediately after you install the broker agent. This check box is selected by default.


  • Install the vRealize Operations for Published Applications solution, add your license key, and create an instance of the vRealize Operations for Published Applications adapter.

  • Verify that you downloaded the broker agent installation file.

  • Verify that you configured the XenDesktop Controller, Store Front, and PVS server for remote WMI by granting DCOM remote access/activation permissions to the servers. The user name must include the user name that you indicated for the servers.

  • XenDesktop Delivery controller's SSL certificate should be added as a trusted certificate if HTTPS (SSL) is enabled for OData (Monitoring Service).

  • If OData (Citrix Monitoring Service) is configured on listen on SSL, the Broker Agent will create connections to XenDesktop Delivery Controller using HTTPS.

    So a valid certificate should be installed on Delivery Controller and this certificate should be added as a trusted certificate in Delivery Controller.


    If the certificate is issued by a Certificate Authority, this CA should be a trusted publisher in Delivery Controller.


  1. Log in to the machine where you plan to install the broker agent using a domain account that is part of the local administrators group.
  2. Install the broker agent.



    Command line

    1. Access the command prompt.

    2. Install the broker agent for your environment using the /s, v, or /qn options.

      • Run the VMware-v4pabrokeragent-x86_64-6.2.0-buildnumber.exe command.

    EXE file

    1. Copy the file for your environment to a temporary folder, and double-click the EXE file to start the installation procedure.

      • Double-click the VMware-v4pabrokeragent-x86_64-6.2.0-buildnumber.exe file.

    2. Follow the steps in the installer.


The broker agent is installed and saved to the Program Files folder.

What to do next

Configure the broker agent. See Configure the vRealize Operations for Published Applications Broker Agent.