You can use the preconfigured XD-XA dashboards to monitor the performance of your XenDesktop environment.

Table 1. XD-XA Dashboard Summary


What It Shows

When To Use It

XD-XA Overview

Status of your end-to-end XD-XA environment, including the XD-XA-related alerts, key Site metrics, Site related vCenter capacity.

  • Assess overall XD-XA performance, and the overall user experience.

  • View the top XD-XA-related alerts.

  • View Site related vCenter remaining capacity and reclaimable capacity.

XD-XA Help Desk

Information about all sessions running in your environment. The Sessions Details widget lists all of connected VDI desktop sessions, RDS desktop sessions, and application sessions in your environment and is the master widget for the dashboard.

  • View existing alerts of the system and the selected session.

  • Metrics of selected session, Health, Workload, Logon Time, ICA Round Trip Latency, ICA Input Bandwidth, and ICA Output Bandwidth.

  • View important logon metrics, Brokering Duration, HDX

  • Connection Duration, Authentication Duration, GPO duration, Profile Load Duration, and Interactive Duration.

XD-XA Server Desktops

Session-host server metrics and related vSphere VMs, server resource utilization and server indicator metrics.

  • Check servers alerts, server indicator metrics, and resource utilization metrics.

XD-XA Session Details

Detailed information of all the sessions, session logon breakdown, session performance metrics, running processes of the session, users summary, User logon duration trend, and the report of what application are launched by a user and when.

  • Check detailed session information, check session logon details, retrieve session running processes for trouble shooting, check users summary, check user logon duration trend, and look at the report of what application are launched by a user and when.

XD-XA Server Applications

Application summary data, application instance number trend, application instance summary data, application instance resource utilizaiton, application launch duration trend, application users, Application related servers, and server indicator metrics.

  • Check application summary data, performance data, launch duration historical trend, the report of which users launched applications and when, application related server indicator metrics.

XD-XA VDI Desktops

VDI Desktops related alerts, VDI Desktop summary information and VDI session detailed information, VDI desktop session resource utilization, and running application list of a VDI desktop session.

  • Check VDI Desktop overall status, top alerts, resource utilization, and retrieving session running application list for troubleshooting.

XD-XA User Experience

vCPU Experience heatmap, vDisk Experience heatmap, vRAM Experience heatmap, vCPU relationship, vDisk relationship, vRAM relationship, vCPU chart, vDisk chart, vRAM chart, and Delivery Group critical alerts.

  • Check overall and detailed vCPU/vDisk/vRAM experience, check delivery controller critial alerts.

XD-XA Root Cause Analysis Dashboard

Detailed information on specific metrics, including performance over time.

  • Troubleshoot problems related to specific object-related metrics.