Connections to the desktop message server require an authentication token to verify that the connection is coming from a valid desktop agent. The desktop agent generates a unique authentication token for each remote desktop.

In addition, the desktop agent generates a serverID for the XD-XA server and write the serverID into vRealize Operations Manager. When a desktop agent attempts to send data to the vRealize Operations for Published Applications adapter, the adapter will verify whether the authentication token has been cached in memory. If there is no server with same name, the adapter caches the server name and authentication token in memory. If the server has been cached, compare the cached authentication token and the one sent. If the tokens are same, accept the message, else reject the desktop agent message.

The vRealize Operations for Published Applications adapter also checks whether a VM with same serverID exists in vRealize Operations Manager, and adds the VM into the topology when a VM with the same name exists.