You can create a cloud proxy collector group from the available collectors in your cloud environment. You can add two or more cloud proxies to a collector group.

Where You Add New Cloud Proxies

From the left menu, click Data Sources > Cloud Proxy. Click New.

Add New Cloud Proxy Workspace

Option Description
Name Name of the cloud proxy.
IP IP address of the cloud proxy VM in the vCenter Server.
Status Status of the cloud proxy when connected. For example, the Online status is displayed when the VM is connected.
Cloud Accounts Number of cloud accounts that are created and associated with the cloud proxy.
Monitoring Accounts Number of cloud accounts that are monitored using the cloud proxy.
IP/FQDN The IP or FQDN address of the vCenter Server instance to which the cloud proxy is connected.
Port The network port that uses to communicate with a vCenter Server system and components.

Linking Cloud Proxy with a Collector Group

When you create collector groups in your cloud environment, you have the option to include one or more cloud proxies in the Collector Group.
Note: It is recommended that you do not add cloud proxy to a collector group from remote collectors. For cloud proxy, a separate cloud proxies group can be created which contains only cloud proxies.

From the Add New Collector Group page, select one or more cloud proxy accounts you want to link with the collector group and click Save. The selected cloud proxy accounts are now part of the collector group.