You can revert a product's configuration to a previous state if you discover problems with the product's current configuration.


You must have a saved configuration drift baseline for the product to revert it to a previous state. See Save a Product Baseline.


  1. Click Manage Environments.
  2. Click DETAILS for the environment the product to upgrade is part of.
  3. Click the ellipses (...) icon next to the name of the product and select Show Report.
  4. Select an instance on the Drift TimeLine to view the configuration drift report for the date and time listed for the instance.
  5. Toggle Show Drifted Parameters and verify that you have a stable configuration available to revert to.
  6. Click Remediate.
  7. Click the date and time under Remediation Baseline to change the date and time to use as the product baseline to revert to.
    By default, the remediation baseline is set to the saved configuration drift baseline.
  8. Verify that the configuration values listed in the remediation baseline are the values you want to revert to, and click Save.

What to do next

Check the Recent Reports page and check the Remediation Report to verify the remediation completed without errors.

Save a new product baseline. See Save a Product Baseline.