Add a vCenter Server to a Data Center before using that vCenter Server to create a private cloud environment.


Ensure that you have the vCenter Server fully qualified domain name, user name, and password.


  1. On the left pane, click Data Centers.
  2. On the Data Centers page, click Manage Datacenters.
    1. Click + Add vCenter.
    2. Enter the Name in the form of a fully qualified domain name.
    3. Type the location and click Add.
  3. On the Data centers page, select Manage vCenter Servers tab.
    1. Select a newly added or an existing datacenter from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the User Name and Password for the vCenter server.
    Either an administrator or a user with administrator role can use vCenter 6.7.
  5. Select the vCenter Type.
    • Management: All VMware SDDC Suite products are managed by this vCenter type.
    • Workload: All the payload or business related VMs are managed by this vCenter type.
    • Consolidated Management and Workload: Is a vCenter type, where both VMware SDDC Suite products and payload VMs are managed together.
    vCenter Type selection is currently used only for classification; the setting has no associated product functionality.
  6. To import vCenter Servers, select Data Center location from the drop-down menu, click Import.
    1. Select the .CSV file and click Import. You can upload only one file at a time for a bulk import of VCs in a selected datacenter.
    2. Click Submit

What to do next

Go to the Requests page to see the status of this request. When the status is Completed, you can use this vCenter Server to create environments.