Import a configuration drift baseline to have vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager use an imported baseline to generate configuration drift reports for this product.

By default, the configuration drift baseline for a product is the product configuration at the time of deployment.
Note: When an existing vRealize Automation environment is imported into vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager and the primary and secondary virtual appliance root passwords differ, virtual machine-related configurations like certificates, network details, and file-based configurations are not collected from all virtual appliances as part of the baseline creation. Only the primary node virtual machine configurations will be collected during baseline creation.


Export a configuration drift baseline from another deployment of this product. See Export a Configuration Drift Baseline.


  1. Click Manage Environments.
  2. Click DETAILS for the environment the product to upgrade is part of.
  3. Click the ellipses (...) icon next to the name of the product to and select Import Baseline.
  4. Click Browse, navigate to the configuration drift baseline file to import, and click OK.